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Size: 1250 m2

  • Onsite Racking for ~ 976 Pallets

    • Industrial All Risks Insurance, including Raw Materials

  • 15,000 m2 available storage areas for rental from Industrial Estate


Flexibility in term of warehouse availability

Warehouse Services

1. Loading Dock In & Out

  • Has a loading dock for 20 & 40 feet container trucks

  • Only 1 entrance & exit

  • There is a steel roof that makes loading and unloading easier in every condition.

2. Precise Product Layout Placement

  • Permanent Wall to separate Herbicide and Fungicide/Insecticide Areas hence Preventing Contamination.

3. Computerized System

  • Dedicated Person for warehouse management.

  • Data Recap By Computer.

4. 24 Hours Security & CCTV

  • 24-hour security guard in the factory area.

  • CCTV on each side of the warehouse

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